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What’s happening at the Council Meeting on Tues 24 Nov?

20 November 2015

The community is invited to the next Yarra City Council meeting to be held at Fitzroy Town Hall on Tuesday 24 November at 7pm.

Council will consider seven officer reports during public session of the meeting, including the following:

  • Yarra Environment Advisory Committee – To consider the appointment of 12 community members to the Yarra Environment Advisory Committee, which provides feedback to inform Council’s response to climate change and other environmental issues.
  • Johnston Street Local Area Plan – To consider public submissions related to the Johnston Street Local Area Plan and adoption of an updated version of the plan.
  • Liveable Yarra – To consider advice provided by Council’s Liveable Yarra people’s panel and the opportunity to use that advice to inform development of a revised Yarra Planning Scheme.
  • Chandler Highway Duplication Project – To receive advice on the State Government’s Chandler Highway project and consider the possibility that further information may be required before Council can adopt a final position on the proposal.

Council will also consider one Notice of Motion:

  • Richmond Public Housing Estates and Neighbourhood Renewal Funding – To consider writing to the State Government to request action to address ongoing amenity issues being experienced by tenants of the Richmond Public Housing Estate and to consider ensuring that tenants are aware of Council services that may of benefit to them.

Members of the public gallery at each Council Meeting can ask questions, make submissions about items on the agenda or lodge petitions or joint letters.

To read the full agenda and supporting documents for the meeting, follow the links below.

Agenda l Attachments

Council is also holding a Special Meeting of Council at 7pm on Thursday 26 November 2015 at the Fitzroy Town Hall (201 Napier Street, Fitzroy). The purpose of the meeting is to consider the outcomes of consultation and hear submissions regarding the Alphington Paper Mill Development Plan. Information about this Special Council Meeting has also been made available in a media release issued 19 November on the front page of Council's website.

For further information about any Council meetings, contact Council on 9205 5555 or email

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