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Council delivers on its Annual Plan promises

27 August 2015

Council has completed a wide range of major community-focused projects, as revealed by the latest Annual Plan progress report.

Highlights from the past year include completion of vital new facilities and infrastructure:

  • Yarra families received a boost when construction of the expanded Gold Street Childcare Centre was completed. This redeveloped family and children’s hub opened to the public in April.
  • A multi-purpose sports facility was constructed at Fairfield Park to meet the growing needs of local sporting clubs and community groups.
  • Two new parks were completed in Richmond neighbourhoods traditionally lacking in open space.

Council also introduced a range of new strategies in areas near and dear to the Yarra community:

  • The new Aboriginal Partnerships Plan has Council working closely with the Aboriginal community to eliminate prejudice, promote social justice and celebrate Aboriginal culture in all its forms.
  • The Economic Develop Strategy is guiding Council’s support of Yarra’s business precincts and promotion of local investment and job growth.
  • The recently adopted Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy is promoting recycling and waste reduction in order to preserve Yarra’s resources for current and future generations.

In the area of engagement and advocacy, Council commenced work on a comprehensive consultation project to inform changes to the Yarra Planning Scheme. Feedback received will assist Council in protecting and enhancing Yarra’s liveability as it meets the challenges and opportunities of growth.

Council successfully carried out more than 80% of the actions included in its Annual Plan for 2014/15. This outcome compares favourably to last year’s figure of 68.3% and constitutes Council’s best result in five years. In a local government atmosphere characterised by emerging challenges and competing priorities, Council considers this to be an extremely encouraging result. Overall, 80.96% of activities were considered to be complete or on-track by the end of 2014-15.

More detail about Council’s Annual Plan performance during 2014/15 is available in the latest quarterly progress report.

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Julie Wyndham
Coordinator Organisational Performance
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