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Aboriginal Partnerships Plan 2015-2018

4 February 2015

Increasing Aboriginal employment opportunities in Yarra is one of five key priority areas in the Aboriginal Partnerships Plan 2015-2018 endorsed by Council on 28 January.

The four other priority areas are:

  • Community connection - supporting Aboriginal community connection to Fitzroy and other historically significant places in Yarra and continuing to develop Council’s connection to the Aboriginal community.
  • Culture - promoting Aboriginal culture to ensure a greater understanding of and respect for Aboriginal people, culture, traditions and history in Yarra.
  • Events - promoting the Aboriginal calendar events and other significant Aboriginal community events.
  • Advocacy and Responsiveness - promoting relevant policy changes and emerging issues to the Aboriginal community and responding, with permission from the community, on their behalf.

The Aboriginal Partnerships Plan will guide Council’s work with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community over the next four years and ensure that Council continues to advocate for respect and social justice; promote awareness of the city’s rich Aboriginal culture; and take a strong stand against racism.

This is Council’s third Partnerships Plan and it is shaped by suggestions, ideas and feedback collected through extensive community consultation within the Aboriginal community and Aboriginal and mainstream organisations.

Through the Plan, Council aims to increase employment opportunities for Aboriginal people in Council and broker opportunities through-out the municipality helping to support Aboriginal people and to keep them connected to Yarra.

The ambitious plan takes a whole or organisation approach and contains 45 actions to be undertaken this year to achieve the best positive social outcomes for the local Aboriginal community.

The plan puts Yarra in a unique position of being able to develop innovative projects, initiate robust discussion of potentially controversial issues and advocate strongly to other tiers of government on behalf of the Aboriginal community.

For further information visit docx format Yarra Aboriginal Partnerships Plan 2015-2018 (99.99 KB)

Aldo Malavisi
Coordinator Community Development
03 9205 5036

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