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Bike Law offers a new resource for riders

9 December 2015

As one of Australia’s leading cycling cities, Yarra City Council is recommending ‘Bike Law: A bike rider's guide to road rules in Victoria’.

Produced by the Victorian Law Foundation, this free guide provides easy-to-understand advice on road rules and road safety, as well as tips for riding in traffic or with children.

With the most recent Census data indicating that 8.5% of Yarra residents cycle to work (more than six times the Greater Melbourne average) this accessible publication will be of particular interest to locals. You can download the guide (or order a hardcopy) from the Victorian Law Foundation website.

Council has supported safe cycling in Yarra with a range of recent works, including a Copenhagen-style bicycle lane in Wellington Street, Collingwood. The new lane separates bicycles from road traffic in order to reduce congestion, encourage new riders to take up cycling, and improve safety for all road users.

Other recent improvements have included the widening of the main Yarra Trail, implementation of priority signalling at key intersections, and installation of new bicycle hoops in key activity areas throughout the city.

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