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Map your experiences of walking in Yarra

8 March 2017

Our community will have a chance to share their experiences of where they feel safe and unsafe when walking, thanks to a new mapping tool named WalkSpot.

Yarra, in partnership with other Melbourne councils, is part of the WalkSpot project. It was developed by Victoria Walks and CrowdSpot (a mapping tool) with funding from a TAC Community Road Safety Grant.

The purpose of the project is help Melbourne become a world-class walking city by understanding the areas where people enjoy walking and the trouble spots that people avoid. 

The information collected will help us, and other councils, identify and prioritise areas for improvement to help make it easier and safer to walk around our city.

To take part in the project, visit the WalkSpot map and add a spot where you feel safe or unsafe when walking around Melbourne.

The map is open from 14 March to 28 April 2017.

For more information about the project, visit the WalkSpot website

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