Significant Tree Register

Trees in Edinburgh GardensIn June and early July 2012, Council called for community members to nominate local trees for inclusion in a Significant Tree Register.

The register will help prevent unique, historical, rare and environmentally important trees from being removed or lopped without Council’s consent.

In Yarra, a permit is required to prune, lop or remove trees which are considered to be significant. Currently a tree is considered significant if it has a trunk that is 400mm or wider from a point of 1.5 metres above ground level. Trees are also considered significant if they have multiple trunks equalling 400mm. More information about the permit process is available on the Protection of significant trees webpage.

The register will add to the number and variety of trees recognised as significant.

One hundred and twenty three trees were nominated by community members for inclusion in the register.

Council has engaged tree consultants Homewood to inspect and assess each nominated tree against a list of criteria, including the age, location and species of the tree, as well as any historical or cultural significance. For a full list of criteria, please see the docx format Significant Tree Register nomination criteria (126.23 KB).

Once each tree has been assessed, a draft Significant Tree Register will be compiled.

The draft register is expected to be put out for community feedback this October. People will then have an opportunity to provide further comments on which trees should be included before Council decides on the final register.

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