Significant Tree Register

Trees in Edinburgh GardensYarra's Significant Tree Register came into effect in September 2014.  

The register includes trees that have horticultural, aesthetic, historical, environmental, social or cultural value, and are located on public land and private properties.

A permit is required to remove or lop a tree that is listed on the Significant Tree Register. 

A permit is also required to remove or lop any tree with a trunk diametre of 400mm or wider from a point of 1.5 metres above ground level or if they have multiple trunks equalling 400mm. 

More information about the permit process for removing or lopping Significant Trees is available on the Protection of significant trees webpage.

View the Significant Tree Register

You can view the location of trees on the Significant Tree register via this Significant Tree Register map.

How to navigate the Significant Tree Register map:

  • Choose the 'Significant Tree Register' link on the left side of the screen (under 'Public Open Space')
  • Click on the pink dots to view details of trees on the register
  • Zoom in and out using the magnifying glass icons at the top left of the screen

Alternatively, you can view the Significant Tree Register document here:

Please note - to locate a specific species or address in the register "control-F" or "command-F" for find.

pdf format Significant Tree Register 2014.pdf (690.76 KB)

To request a hard copy or if you have any queries about the register, contact Council on 9205 5727. 

Nominations for the Significant Tree Register 

Community members can nominate a tree to add to the register. No expertise in tree identification is required, however some basic details will need to be provided including the tree’s location, the species (if known), approximate height, estimated age and any additional information about why the tree should be considered significant.

Click here to access the Significant Tree Register Nomination form

Nominated trees will be inspected, assessed and photographed by Council's tree consultant. Trees will be assessed against the following list of criteria: docx format Significant Tree Register nomination criteria (126.23 KB).

Council will review and assess nominations on a quarterly basis, depending on the volume of nominations received. Please be aware that nominations could take up to six months to be assessed before being considered for inclusion in the register. 

Further information
Yarra City Council
9205 5555

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