Planting and removal

Gum tree reaching into the skyYarra City Council recognises the value of trees to the community and has an ongoing commitment to managing and improving local streetscapes and their liveability.

As part of this commitment, Council maintains 16,000 street trees on a cyclic program to ensure their safety and health. Council also plants around 1000 street trees per year, along with thousands of other plants for revegetation in local reserves and parklands.

Council receives many requests each year to remove trees. Decisions about removing a tree are made after an inspection and according to Council's Tree Removal Guidelines. Find out more about tree removal.

Council’s aim is to retain trees wherever possible and to manage their well-being so that they continue to contribute to the quality of the urban environment.

Current consultations

Canning Street Tree Replacement:
pdf format Arboricultural Assessment - Canning Street Carlton North (2.94 MB)


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