Pop-up Laneway Gardens

These gardens are an effective means of inspiring and enabling food growing in the city and building social and economic wellbeing from the ground up – created for and by local people.

The City of Yarra recognises the importance of urban agriculture in creating a sustainable city where a robust, multicultural community lives and thrives. Community growing spaces provide an opportunity for the community to work together, building more resilient and liveable neighbourhoods through growing, producing and sharing fresh healthy food.  

Community Garden2

Community growing spaces can be located on public land, supported by council,
tended and cared for by the community. They may be:

  • A planter box on a footpath or roadway
  • A productive tree
  • A nature strip garden or
  • A “pop up” community growing space in a laneway

If you would like to start a pop up community growing space in a laneway, Council has created a process to assist in the establishment of your garden, making it simple, fun and safe. 

Twice a year Council will sponsor an event which will provide the community
an opportunity to join the food growing community in Yarra, learn how to develop a “pop up”
community growing space in a laneway and prepare a successful Pop up laneway garden permit application.

The first event to be held towards the end of 2016.

On this day council’s Urban Agriculture facilitator will provide advice and assistance with the following:

  • Preferred laneways for the development of a “pop up” garden;
  • How you can address potential hazards for pedestrians and other traffic;
  • Means of gaining support and participation from your local neighbourhood for your initiative;
  • Any access or safety issues you must take into consideration in your application;
  • Completing a thorough application for your initiative;

We ask that everyone attend a community growing spaces workshop for the development of a pop up laneway garden prior to submitting an application.

To register your interest please fill in attached form and return to kathi.clark-orsanic@yarracity.vic.gov.au.  For any enquires please contact Kathi Clark-Orsanic on 9205 5782.

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