Sustainability Grants

An image of two mean trading toolsCommunity-driven sustainability projects are funded through the Sustainability Stream of the Yarra Annual Grants program.

The Sustainability Stream features two types of grant:

  • General Sustainability Grants: These grants support a range of smaller projects designed to deliver positive environmental outcomes (up to $4,000 per project).
  • Partnering for Sustainability Grants: This new category introduced in 2016 supports larger, more complex  projects that will leave a lasting legacy (up to $15,000 per project).

For information on the 2018 Yarra Annual Grants please visit the Community Grants page where you can als ofind a list of 2017 Annual Grants recipients. 

Small Project Grants

Funding of up to $1,000 is also available for small sustainability initiatives through the Small Project Grants program. These grants can be applied for throughout the year until the funding pool is exhausted.

Success stories

The attached document provides an overview of some of the projects that have received funding in recent years through the Sustainability Stream (previously called the Environment Stream).

 Environment Stream Grants - Success Stories (26.05 KB)


Further information
Sally MacAdams
Sustainability Officer
9205 5769

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