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An easy way to lower our consumption is through the simple act of sharing. 

Sharing reduces the consumption of resources, connects people, empowers the community and is fun. There are many opportunities to participate in the sharing economy within Yarra and become a sharer. This project addresses a key action in the Yarra Environment Strategy 2013-2017 to overcome the cultural norms surrounding consumption. 

One of the ways Council can support the community to increase its sharing activity is through promotion of existing sharing options. In October 2014, Council hosted a MapJam in partnership with WeShare, LiveWell (Low Carbon Living CRC),and Shareable Melbourne to coincide with the Second Annual Global MapJam . The Yarra MapJam bought together members of the community to map sharing activities within Yarra. 

Everyone can now review the resulting Share Yarra Map, which makes sharing resources more visible and encourages greater participation in the local sharing economy.

Get involved

The Share Yarra Map is interactive and members of the community are invited to pin on more sharing activities. Sharing projects include food co-operatives, lending libraries, community gardens, co-working spaces, social enterprises, car-sharing and more. The Share Yarra Map identifies many sharing projects but there’s plenty more to be added.

Why Share Yarra

Consumption patterns are increasing while the earth’s resources (water, food, fuel, energy, minerals, materials) and ability to replenish them are decreasing. There is a need to reverse this trend so that we live within our means while maintaining quality of life. 

Sharing Resources 

For more information on the sharing movement go to Shareable Melbourne 

Further information
Karen Cameron
Environment Programs Officer
9205 5717

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