Yarra Energy Foundation

Row of terracesThe Yarra Energy Foundation was established by Council to help Yarra businesses and residents reduce their carbon emissions.

The Foundation was officially launched in April 2011. Here is a media release issued by Council at the time of the Foundation's launch.

Establishing the Foundation has been one of Council’s major priorities in recent years, with a total of $1.2 million allocated to it between 2008 and 2012.

The Foundation will be supported by Council but  is eventually expected to operate independently of Council.

More information is available on the Yarra Energy Foundation's website.

Current YEF board

Jennifer Lauber-Patterson is the chairperson of the Yarra Energy Foundation Board.

The other directors are as follows:

  • Gerard Brody
  • Peter Christoff
  • Katherine Dean
  • Geoff Mabbett
  • Douglas Scott Chapman
  • Eyal Halamish
  • Roberto Colanzi (Yarra Councillor)
  • Sam Gaylard (Yarra Councillor)
  • Guy Wilson-Browne (Yarra Council Director Infrastructure)

Further information
Jane Waldock
Manager Strategic Transport and Environment
9205 5733



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