Weed Management

Council officer spraying weeds in lanewayWeeds are not only unattractive, but also threaten native plants and invade urban bushland.

Council aims to control the growth of weeds in open spaces, including parks, reserves and sports grounds, and in residential areas where weeds can grow along roads, footpaths and in-between pavers.    

Council manages weeds by conducting ‘spot spraying’ on roads and footpaths on a four-week cycle. Spraying in Yarra’s parks and sports grounds is done twice a year, in early spring and autumn, as this is the most effective time to eliminate juvenile weeds.

As well as conducting regular weed spraying, Council also responds to calls from community members who report areas of high weed growth. If you would like to report weeds, contact Council on 9205 5555. 

Keeping your garden weed-free

Because weeds can spread easily, residents who keep their gardens weed-free can make a big difference in limiting their growth around Yarra.

If you remove weeds from your garden, remember to dispose of them responsibly by calling Council on 9205 5555 to arrange a collection.

Depending on the type of weed to be collected, Council will advise whether a free green waste collection or hard rubbish collection is required.

Residents are entitled to an unlimited number of green waste collections, while free hard rubbish collections are limited to two per year.

For more information about how to identify a weed and recommendations for what you can plant instead, download a copy of the booklet pdf format Removing weeds in Yarra - June 2012 (4.49 MB) 

Council's use of herbicides

Council has a responsibility under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 to remove invasive plants.

Protecting our local environment requires a suite of integrated weed management techniques, and the sparing application of herbicides forms an essential part of that program. 

Where herbicides are required, most of Yarra’s invasive plants respond to the minimum concentration of Glyphosate (popularly known as ‘Round-Up’).

Some of Yarra’s more destructive weeds require the use of several herbicides because other techniques are ineffective.  

Some short facts about herbicide use in Yarra:

  • All herbicides used by Council and its contractors are approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.
  • All weed treatments are applied in strict accordance with the product label guidelines. 
  • An integrated method of weed control is employed by Yarra and Contractor Staff alike, to reduce the volume of herbicide used annually.
  • Research continues to indicate that Round-Up non-selective herbicide only affects plants and has no impact on mammals at the label rate.
  • Blue marker dye is mixed with every chemical application to prevent staff from re-spraying the same areas. 
  • Herbicide signs are regularly displayed so that people can avoid inadvertently transferring herbicide into an area containing non-target plants. 

For more information about Weeds & Herbicides, please contact Council as per the details at the foot of this page, or consult the following external sources:



For further information about weed management in Yarra’s open spaces:
9205 5555

For further information about weed management around roads and footpaths:
Kim O’Connor
Manager Engineering Operations
9205 5511

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