Yarra Sustainability Awards - 2013

2013 marked the fourth year the annual Yarra Sustainability Awards.  


In 2013, Yarra voted for their favourite nominee in the People's Choice Award.

Over 1000 people voted and Nick Buckley from Richmond Primary School was the clear winner.
He was also one of the winners in the Local Hero category along with the late Frank Fisher, who was recognised with the announcement of a new category from 2014 that will build on his legacy.  

Winners and commendations in the 2013 YSA

Educational Services
Winner: Clifton Childcare and Kindergarten Co-operative
Highly commended: University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre

Community Action
Winner: Innerspace Primary Health Centre
Highly commended: Clifton Hill Laneway Community Garden

Home and Garden
Winner: Dennis Troedel - Stafford St Community Garden

Local Hero
Winner: Frank Fisher
Winner: Nick Buckley

Winner: Living Edge
Highly commended: Ironbark Sustainability

Building Design and Development
Winner: Brave New Eco - Merri Creek Passive House
Highly commended: Armsby Architects - Richmond Green

And the People's Choice was: Nick Buckley from Richmond Primary School.    


2013 Yarra Sustainability Awards winners    


You can read about all of the nominees on the Yarra Sustainability Awards Facebook Page.    






More about the winners and highly commended nominees

Educational Services



Winner: University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre
The University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre has created ‘Beyond the Canopy’, an innovative multimedia resource to support teachers, parents and the wider community in relation to environmental education.It draws attention to global sustainability issues and illustrates a model of teaching and learning ‘in, about and for the environment’.



University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre
Commended: Clifton Child Care and Kindergarten Co-operative
Promoting sustainable practices is part of the Clifton Child Care and Kindergarten Co-operative’s philosophy.
They have installed solar panels and a water tank and use a clothes line instead of a dryer.
Every year the co-op hosts a Ride2Work Day breakfast. In 2012 the co-op implemented a 100% compostable nappy system.
Clifton Hill Co-op veggie patch
Winner: Innerspace Primary Health Centre
This garden has revitalised a small alley at the rear of Innerspace - a service for drug users in Collingwood.
The alley was cleared of rubbish, the walls painted white to increase reflection,
and recycled apple crates used to grow a range of culinary, medicinal and indigenous herbs and vegetables.

Community Action



Commended: Clifton Hill Laneway Community Garden
Since 2010, a group of locals have transformed vacant land behind Gordon Street into a thriving community garden where neighbours gather and learn from each other. Food waste is collected from local cafes and households to create compost and water tanks on the side fence collect water from a shed roof.


Clifton Hill Garden Tour
Home and Garden
Winner: Dennis Troedel - 49 Stafford St Community Garden
Dennis has created a community garden and compost hub in front of eighteen public housing units in Stafford Street, Collingwood. He’s encouraged neighbours from all around the area to join in, making the garden into a hub of activity where people gather to share their cultural traditions of growing and cooking food.


Dennis Troedel
Local Hero
Winner: Frank Fisher – Everyday Environmentalism
Professor Frank Fisher was an environmental educator and activist and an active community member in Yarra. He was the Australian Environmental Educator of the Year in 2007.
Frank advocated for systemic change, empowering individuals, communities and organisations to make a better world for all life, by becoming more humble, considerate and insightful people.


Frank Fisher
Winner: Nick Buckley - Richmond Primary School
Nick Buckley has transformed an unused corner of Richmond Primary School into a vegetable patch and community social hub including a worm farm, pizza oven, and meeting spaces.
A ‘frog bog’ is also underway. Nick sourced grants to purchase compost bins, construct a greenhouse and a shed, and install rain-water pipes.


Richmond Primary School Food Garden
Winner: Living Edge
Living Edge imports high-end commercial and residential furniture. Over 70% of their products are certified for their environmental credentials and often exceed the applicable environmental standards.
By 2012 they had achieved a 33% reduction in total emissions since the baseline year of 2009 – including Green Power and offsetting brings this figure to 71%.
Living Edge Residential
Commended: Ironbark Sustainability
As an environmental consultancy, Ironbark takes a systematic approach to organisational sustainability. Greenhouse emissions are measured, energy efficiency practices implemented, and residual emissions offset.
Ironbark allows staff to work from home, minimising emissions from commuting.
Through electronic storage and water efficient fittings and behaviours, Ironbark has reduced paper and water use to a bare minimum.
Ironbark Crew
Building Design and Development
Winner: Brave New Eco
Merri Creek Passive House, a heritage Californian bungalow, was retrofitted to above current energy efficiency standards and added a passive solar extension and productive permaculture garden, incorporating plantings that support biodiversity in the adjacent wildlife corridor. All demolition and building materials were retained on site for re-use or sorted for recycling.


Brave new
Commended: Armsby Architects
Richmond Green first private 5 Star Greenstar Residential project in Victoria. It is a green building that looks ‘mainstream’.
Armsby Architects used passive design and avoided gas in the development while leaving capacity to accommodate new technology to give the building the best chance of independence from fossil fuels.



Further information
Madeleine Cahill
2014 Sustainability Awards Project Manager

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