Rushall Reserve

Rushall ReserveRushall Reserve is a small park next to Merri Creek in North Fitzroy. It is situated down hill from Rushall train station and can be accessed from the end of Holden Street.

The Reserve is designated as a "dog-off leash area" and dogs may be exercised off-leash in the park subject to the restrictions outlined on Council's Dogs in Yarra page.

Rushall Reserve Path update 

On 2 August 2016 Council decided to proceed with plans to build a path in Rushall Reserve in North Fitzroy, following extensive community engagement on the proposal. 

The path will link the existing Merri Creek Trail between Rushall Station and Koonda Lat Bridge, providing enhanced access to the Reserve.

In particular the path will make the Reserve accessible to people with mobility issues, people with children in prams, and people using Yarra’s off-road bicycle network. It will also provide a safer connection to bypass the pedestrian underpass at Rushall Station.

Visit the Rushall Reserve Path Draft Design consultation webpage to:

  • View the draft design 
  • See artist's impressions   
  • View background information, supporting documents and FAQs


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