Portable barbecues

Citizens ParkPark users are welcome to use portable gas barbeques in Council's parks and gardens on days without fire bans.

When using a barbeque in a Council park or garden, please act responsibly.

Always supervise your barbeque, dispose of your waste and be considerate of other park users.

Total fire ban conditions

Regulations apply on days of total fire ban.

You are not allowed to:

    • Light a fire in the open air, or allow a fire in the open air to remain alight
    • Use a portable barbeque or other flamed device in a park or other open space
    • Use, or leave in operation, any gas-producing equipment on, or in connection with, any vehicle.

On days of total fire bans you are allowed to:

Light a fire in a domestic appliance for the sole purpose of meal preparation within a property that you own or occupy so long as:

    • The appliance is located within 20 metres of the dwelling (home)
    • The three metre area surrounding the appliance is clear of flammable material
    • A water supply is at hand, either a hose connected to a water supply or a container filled with at least 10 litres of water
    • Whilst alight, the appliance is attended by an adult at all times.

A 'domestic' appliance means a fixed or portable barbeque, or a fixed construction for outdoor cooking with a gas supply.

A 'dwelling' refers to a building designed for use as a residence. It does not include a caravan, tent or other portable place of residence.

Please be aware that if you do not comply with these rules on days of total fire bans penalties apply. 


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Further information regarding park maintenance
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