Proposal to licence park space for Green Park Dining

Yarra City Council has extended the community consultation period on an application from Green Park Dining to licence a section of park in front of the restaurant for serving food and alcohol until Friday 30 January.

The community is encouraged to provide feedback on the proposal which will see a section of the parkland treated as an outdoor dining area of the café. Proposed trading hours for the outdoor area are:

(a) Sunday to Thursday 7am–11.00pm (sale and consumption of alcohol from 8am)

(b) Friday to Saturday 7am–12.00 midnight (sale and consumption of alcohol from 8am)

The section of parkland in question is on the municipal boundary of the City of Yarra and the City of Moreland. It is a crown parcel of land for which Yarra City Council is the Committee of Management in accordance with the Crown Land Reserves Act. The Capital City Bike path runs through this parkland and past the restaurant.


Council will consider three options:

  • Fitting out the area with permanent seating for 48 patrons and permitting the serving of alcohol;
  • A scaled back alternative allowing for the licensed area to accommodate up to five tables with seating for 20 patrons; or
  • Rejecting the request altogether.

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Have your say

Email your feedback to up until 30 January. When sharing your views, you are also welcome to provide your preferred option on how many patrons the space should accommodate and its trading hours.

Council will review all community feedback received before it considers the matter in February 2015. If Council agrees to the proposal, it will be subject to approval by the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change or his delegate.

Further information
Erica Dowell
Building Systems Administration Officer
9205 5796


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