New Maxwell Sutherland Pavilion

New Maxwell Sutherland PavilionCouncil is constructing a new sports pavilion in Fairfield Park to replace the current Maxwell Sutherland Pavilion.

The new pavilion will provide a modern, multi-purpose sports facility that will meet the current and future needs of local sports clubs and the wider community. The project is expected to cost $1.4 million.

The building will include male and female change rooms, facilities for people with disabilities, a flexible community space, kitchen and first aid rooms. There will also be bike storage and new accessible pedestrian paths leading from the car park to the pavilion.

Sustainable design features include rainwater tanks, natural light and ventilation, solar hot water, and the use of recycled materials. 80% of materials from the existing pavilion will be salvaged, including bricks which will be used for new paving and landscaping.



Council has contracted a builder to construct the new pavilion on the site of the car park on Yarra Bend Road, adjacent to the existing pavilion.

During construction, the car park will be closed to the public.

Once the new pavilion is built, the existing pavilion will be demolished and a portion of that site used to reinstate new car parking and landscaping. All mature trees will be protected.

The existing pavilion will remain open for the duration of the works, with alternative parking available on the opposite side of Yarra Bend Road and in the Fairfield Park car park off Fairfield Park Drive.

The builders will make every effort to keep disruption to a minimum, but some of the works may be noisy. To ensure the worksite is safe, it will be necessary to fence the area and close the existing car park. Protective temporary fencing, signage and traffic safety measures will be in place for the duration of the works.

Further information
Brian Smith
Project Manager
9205 5791

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