Edinburgh Gardens Raingarden

A raingarden was officially opened in Edinburgh Gardens in October 2011.

Built with the support of Melbourne Water, the raingarden is a water harvesting system that provides a natural irrigation source for Edinburgh Gardens. The raingarden is expected to supply 50% of the water needed for the park's historic trees.

The raingarden filters stormwater and rainwater and collects it in an underground tank. Water from the tank is then used to irrigate the park.

The raingarden will also help improve the health of Merri Creek and the Yarra River by filtering pollutants from captured stormwater.

Initially, a wetland was proposed but site investigations found a raingarden to be a more compact and less costly solution for treating stormwater runoff.

The raingarden occupies about 600 m2 on the site of the demolished Ladies Bowling Club within the southern section of the park (between the tennis courts and the grandstand). It consists of four terraced gardens of native plants.  Near the raingarden, Lemon Scented Gums and Angophora trees were planted to create a new avenue.

Further Information
Justin Hanrahan
Manager - Open Space
9205 5720


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