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Earlier this year, Council held extensive community consultation on how to better balance the needs of all park users. This included the formation of the Citizens Park Users Group (CPUG), comprising community members including dog walkers and representatives from local sporting clubs.

In August 2015 Council sought feedback on four proposals for improving the park, based on the suggestions put forward by the CPUG and wider community. 

The four proposals, along with all community feedback received, will be considered by Council at its meeting on Tuesday 15 September from 7pm at Richmond Town Hall. Community members are welcome to attend this Council meeting to make verbal submissions. '

To find out more, visit the Citizens Park online forum.

For more information, contact Kimberley Castiello, Sport Development Officer, on 9205 5779 or email


It is important for Council to balance the needs of all park users, especially as more people move into central Richmond and use Citizens Park for a variety of reasons, including sport, dog walking, relaxation and exercise.

To this end, Council held a community consultation in late 2014 to gauge the level of public interest in making the oval a dog on-leash area and/or creating an enclosed off-leash dog run.

These options were put forward at a Council meeting on 16 December 2014, where Council heard from sporting groups and dog owners about issues associated with different uses of the park. To read the Council report and resolution of Council at this meeting, please visit the Council meetings webpage.

Council conducted further community consultation in March, April and May 2015.  Following this consultation process, Council is putting forward four proposals for improving Citizens Park. Council is currently seeking feedback on these proposals until Friday 28 August 2015 - see above.

Citizens Park Users Group

The Citizens Park User Group (CPUG), comprising community members, was established to work with Council to find solutions for better sharing the park space.

The group’s Terms of Reference appear below:
docx format Citizens Park - CPUG terms of reference (62.39 KB)

Four representatives from the two sports clubs that use Citizens Park and five resident park users were selected to join the CPUG.

The CPUG meetings were held in March, April and May and were attended by Melba Ward Councillors and Council staff.

The majority of issues covered by the CPUG were consistent with those raised by the wider community during the consultation process.

Two submissions have been made to Council by members of the CPUG. One prepared by members affiliated with dog walkers at the park, and the other by members representing the Richmond Junior Football Club and Richmond Union Cricket Club.  

The submissions differ in some areas, however there was general agreement about management strategies and infrastructure improvements, including:

  • No alteration to the off-leash status at Citizens Park
  • Some additional perimeter fencing at Citizens Park (there were a range of views regarding fencing)
  • Clear signage at Citizens Park
  • Improved turf maintenance
  • Increased enforcement, including an increased local law presence to regulate behaviour
  • Investigating improvements at other sites – most notably Barkly Gardens – in order to provide alternatives to Citizens Park (this would be subject to consultation).

Copies of the full submissions appear below:

pdf format Citizens Bark Dog Club Recommendations (302.34 KB)
pdf format Position Statement - Richmond Junior Football Club and Richmond Union Cricket Club (164.07 KB)

Further information
9205 5555

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