Air quality in Yarra

Air quality in Yarra is monitored using monthly data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitoring station in Richmond.

Based on the EPA's most recent analysis, air quality in Yarra continues to be regularly of high quality, with low levels of pollutants.

The one exception is visibility, which even without the event of bushfire or dust storms in 2010 remains an air quality issue in Yarra, and more broadly across the Melbourne and the Port Philip region.

The most likely sources of particles in Yarra during autumn and winter, resulting in lack of visibility, is vehicle emissions, wood heaters and open fireplaces.

Heaters not meeting the Australian Standard (AS4013) contribute more than twice as much particle pollution per kilogram of wood burnt, and open fires contribute three times as much, compared with modern heaters that meet the standard.

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 docx format City of Yarra Air Quality Trends – 2013 (1.79 MB)

To find out the latest results of air quality monitoring in Victoria (including Richmond) in 2014 which includes assessing them against the requirements of the Ambient Air Quality National Environment Protection Measure (AAQ NEPM) please visit:

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