Reducing energy use in Council buildings

Solar panels on the North Carlton LibraryCouncil has embarked on a plan to substantially reduce its energy use via its single largest energy efficiency activity of its buildings to date.

Council’s building stock is the largest contributor to the organisation’s carbon footprint, accounting for 65% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Council signed a $3.4 million Energy Performance Contract (EPC) in December 2013 that will fund the implementation of efficiency measures identified in an audit of 18 of its buildings.

Council also received $411,000 in part funding for this project from the federal Community Energy Efficiency Program that supports local governments and non-profit organisations to improve the energy efficiency and amenity of council facilities.

Based on current utility prices the full financial outlay by Council on this project will be recouped through reduced energy bills after 9.9 years

The EPC guarantees the introduction of energy efficiency measures that will reduce the combined carbon emissions of those buildings by 45%, saving Council $300,000 a year in operational and maintenance costs.

The process involves engaging a single contractor to identify, design, install and commission energy efficiency measures for the buildings. The contractor guarantees to meet the agreed energy reduction targets and will pay the difference to Council should those targets not be met.

You can read more about the EPC here:

pdf format Action Plan - Acheiving Yarras 2015 Carbon Management Targets - 2013 (1.70 MB)
docx format Action Plan - Acheiving Yarras 2015 Carbon Management Targets - 2013 (3.58 MB)


The road to reduced emissions

Council has set itself an energy reduction target of 50% by 2015 based on 2000/01 consumption levels.

By June 2013, Council had already made considerable inroads towards this target, having reduced overall greenhouse emissions by 25.5% from the 2000/01 baseline year. Through implementation of this EPC, combined with other measures, Council is confident of meeting at least 45% reductions by June 2015. Council will continue to work hard to identify ways to deliver the last 5% and reach its 50% goal.

Further information
Hugh Butcher
Greenhouse Programs Leader
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