Compost Crew

Placing food scrapes in a worm farm

In late 2011, Abbotsford residents were asked if they would like to be involved in a home composting pilot program.

More than 50 households (comprising more than 100 residents) registered to be part of the program. Participating households have been contacted to confirm their involvement. Those households will participate in free workshops and will receive a subsidised compost system, kitchen bins and a small sign for the front of their property.

Currently, food scraps make up 52.6% of the waste Yarra residents put in their rubbish bins. Residents involved in this pilot program will learn about the role they can play in reducing this and creating a sustainable waste system in their home and community.

This project is being jointly run by: 

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Further information
Hannah Moloney
Cultivating Community
9429 3084

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