Indigenous Plants

Close up of a leafWith few areas of indigenous vegetation surviving in Yarra, Council is aiming to conserve native species and control environmental weeds.

Gardening with Native Plants in Yarra

The booklet pdf format Gardening with Native Plants in Yarra (1.09 MB) provides a guide to the indigenous vegetation that covered Yarra before European settlement. The advantage of indigenous plants is that they are suited to the soils and climatic conditions of Yarra, and so require minimal maintenance and watering. The booklet describes different plant species to help you plan your garden. It is available by contacting Access Yarra on 9205 5555.

For more information on identifying a weed and recommendations for what you can plant instead, download the Removing Weeds in Yarra and Planting Indigenous Alternatives booklet from the weeds management page.




Further information
Craig McGrath
Parks and Habitat Officer
9489 4588

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