Native wildlife

Close up of lizard in bushlandCouncil works to ensure that native wildlife can continue to survive in our inner city environment.

The Urban Wildlife Management Plan, adopted in 2009, aims to guide the management of Yarra’s remnant vegetation, streetscapes, parks and other public spaces. 

The plan identifies areas of remaining fauna habitat and evaluates their potential to support key fauna species, and addresses threats to fauna habitat.

pdf format Urban Wildlife Management Plan (1.40 MB)


It makes several recommendations for Council action including that Council:

  • develop a weed management plan (which outlines protocols for eradication and control, and species and sites which need priority attention)
  • develop a revegetation plan (to supplement existing fauna habitat and improve links between fauna habitat patches)
  • investigate the need to develop a pest animal policy or develop site vegetation management plans for sites where the health of vegetation is threatened by over-feeding by native species such as possums and bell miners and noisy miners.

More information

For information about management of possums, see Curtain Square possums.

For information about owning a pet in Yarra, see Council's policies on Animal Management.

If you find any injured native wildlife please contact Wildlife Victoria free on 13 000 94535 or email

Wildlife Victoria’s rescue workers are volunteers and will attend to all injured animal cases as soon as possible. 
The more quickly the animal is treated by a veterinarian, the higher the likelihood for their survival and release to their natural habitat.
For this reason, Wildlife Victoria also provide excellent animal management advice and often ask for you to safely transport the injured animal to a veterinarian where circumstances allow.  

Further information
Justin Hanrahan
Manager Open Space & Recreation
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