Work zones

A Works Zone Permit is required if you need a place for vehicles associated with your construction site to stop/park outside the work site safely and legally. This area may extend to the width of the property in question.

 A Works Zone Permit allows signposted parking restrictions to be varied or installed at a work site. This ensures that vehicles associated with construction can park in front of the work site without incurring penalties. A designated parking area may extend up to the width of the property it serves. The Works Zone Permit does not authorise any other construction activity to occur in this area (e.g. site sheds, cranes lifts and plant, equipment or material storage, etc. Further permits are required for these.  


  • This permit is for stopping/parking vehicles and does not cover placement of equipment and materials (e.g. cranes, site sheds); separate permits are available for those
  • The works zone must be immediately adjacent to the work site, that is, on a boundary of the construction site
  • The proposed works zone must be in a legal parking area, that is, not in a No Stopping, No Parking or Disabled Parking area, and must be consistent with any planning permit conditions
  • It can take six to eight (6-8) weeks for this permit to be approved, since we may need to refer to parking and engineering units and the signs need to be manufactured
  • A works zone is only in effect during working times, which will be specified on the signs (generally Mon – Fri 7am – 6pm and Sat 9am – 3pm), with normal parking restrictions returning outside the specified (works zone) times


pdf format App 04_Road Footpath Occupation v1.0 (338.35 KB)

  • Complete and submit the application form with:
  • A drawing of the existing on-street parking arrangements, dimensioning out and noting all street assets, i.e. the locations of parking sign, if present line marking of parking bays, street trees, vehicle crossings or driveways, and property boundary’s in relation to road   
  •  Photographs of the nearest existing parking signs to the proposed works-zone areas.  Ensure you note where these signs are on your plan.


The costs to implement a Work Zone permit are as follows:

  • Signage manufacturing:                  $35 - $100 per sign (min 2 required)
  • Installation of work zone fee:          $370
  • Sign reinstatement fee:                    $370
  • Permit fee                                           $77.00
  • Inspection fee:                                   $140.40
  • Occupancy fee: 
    • Private single Dwelling: $4.68 per sq.m / per week
    • Commercial: $8.50 per sq.m/per week.

Where metered parking bays are occupied the following additional fees will also apply :-

  • Occupation of parking bays - parking meter/first day            $55.00
  • Occupation of parking bays - per day thereafter Taxable     $27.00

Construction zone:

You may apply for a Construction Zone which is a dedicated area used during construction. This may involve the use of plant and equipment or construction vehicle parking. This is assessed on a case by case basis upon application and weekly inspection fees apply.

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