Solar panels

Generating your own renewable energy enables you to supplement or provide all your electricity needs, which reduces energy costs and greenhouse emissions. A small one kilowatt system on an average sized house can save around two tonnes of CO2 per year.

Find out more about installing solar power

To find out more about the process for installing solar PV in Victoria go to

You can also contact the Yarra Energy Foundation to see what support they can provide locally via

Check if you need approval to install solar panels

Some property owners will require planning approval to install solar panels. You can install solar panels in a Heritage Overlay, but if they or the inverter will be visible from the street you will need to apply for a planning permit from Council. Contact (03) 9205 5373 for further information or download:

 Solar panels: do I need a planning permit (367.21kB)

Apply for a planning permit

Download the guide below to find out what information you need to provide to Council when applying for a planning permit to install solar panels on your house, or call (03) 9205 5555 for further information:

Solar panels on residential buildings: planning guide and checklist (1.04MB)



Further information
Michael Oke
Coordinator - Environmental Management
9205 5723

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