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The next Yarra City Council elections will be held on Saturday, 22 October 2016.

The Victorian Electoral Commission is responsible for conducting all Victorian local government elections and will be conducting elections across Victoria on this day.

Unlike many other municipalities, Yarra City Council elections are held by attendance ballot, meaning you will have to attend a polling place on Saturday, 22 October 2016 or make an application for a postal vote or lodge a pre-poll vote in advance of election day.

Voting in Council elections

Voting in Council elections is compulsory for most people on the electoral roll, although people aged 70 years or older are not required to vote. Failure to vote will attract a penalty of approximately $150.

People are required to vote in the municipality and ward where their principal place of residence is located.

You can check if you are correctly enrolled at your principal place of residence and make any necessary changes to your enrolment by visiting the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

Voters not on the Victorian Electoral Roll

Under the Local Government Act 1989, certain people can vote in the City of Yarra even if they are not on the Victorian Electoral Roll at an address in Yarra. Some are enrolled automatically, and some have to apply to be enrolled.

Voters who may be eligible to vote include:

  • An owner of a rateable property in the Yarra.
  • A person who occupies a rateable property in Yarra and is responsible for paying the rates.
  • A Director or Company Secretary of a company that owns or occupies a rateable property in Yarra.

People are only entitled to one vote in any single municipality. For example, if you own multiple properties in the City of Yarra, you may still only vote once in the Yarra City Council elections.

Further information about who can be enrolled to vote, and whether you need to apply is available for download in the Fact Sheet below, together with the necessary forms. Before you complete a form, it is highly recommended that you contact Council for advice so that you can be sure you have the correct form for your circumstances. You can contact Council’s Revenue Services Department on 9205 5261 or info@yarracity.vic.gov.au.

Election period caretaker arrangements

In the lead up to the election, Council will operate in caretaker mode (from Wednesday, 21 September 2016 to Saturday, 22 October 2016). This means that the current Council will avoid making significant new policies or decisions that could unreasonably bind a future Council. During this period, Council will continue to decide upon statutory matters, such as planning permit applications, and carry out its normal everyday services.

Council’s election period policy sets out the restrictions applying to the organisation and the candidates (including sitting Councillors) during the caretaker period. The election period policy is available for download and is also available at Council’s customer service centres and can be posted out on request to Council’s Governance Department on 9205 5302 or governancesupport@yarracity.vic.gov.au.

Queries about the application of Council’s election period policy can be directed to Ivan Gilbert, Group Manager Chief Executive’s Office, on 9205 5110 or ivan.gilbert@yarracity.vic.gov.au.

Further information

All queries relating to the conduct of the election should be directed to the Victorian Electoral Commission.

There are a number of resources available for persons considering nominating for election to Council:

Below are all the forms required to enroll and vote at the 2016 election (*Note - there is not a form E or F)

Further information
Ivan Gilbert
Executive Manager - Governance
9205 5110

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