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The most recent Council elections were held on Saturday 27 October 2012.

Council elections were held across Victoria on this day.

Yarra Council’s election involved attendance voting which meant voters will be required to attend polling stations at schools, neighbourhood houses and halls. 

Here is more information on:            

Voting in Council elections
Changed ward boundaries
Caretaker period  

Voting in Council elections

Voting in Council elections is compulsory for most people on the electoral roll, although people aged 70 years or older are not required to vote. Failure to vote will attract a penalty of approx $70.

People are required to vote in the municipality and ward where their principal place of residence is located.

You can check if you are on the state register of electors for your current principal place of residence by visiting the Victorian Electoral Commission website. 

If you are not on the roll, it is too late to enrol to vote in the 27 October Council elections. The electoral roll closed on Friday 31 August 2012.

Absentee ratepayers

Under the Local Government Act 1989, people can vote in a municipality where they own property even if they don't live in that municipality. This is referred to as being an absentee ratepayer.  

People are only entitled to one vote in any single municipality. For example, if you own multiple properties in a single municipality, you may still only vote once in that municipality's elections.

Council automatically enrols most absentee ratepayers without requiring an application. There are exceptions to this:    

  • if there are more than two owners, a maximum of two can be enrolled
  • if an owner is a corporation, the council will not automatically enrol it. A corporation can apply to enrol one of its directors or company secretaries as a voter
  • if an owner lives at the property the council will not automatically enrol them because they will normally be on the State electoral roll. A resident owner, who is not on the State roll, can apply for enrolment on the council roll.

It is not compulsory for absentee ratepayers to vote in municipalities where they do not live.  

If you wish to check if you are enrolled as an absentee ratepayer, contact David Slater, Revenue Services Coordinator, on 9205 5261 or at David.Slater@yarracity.vic.gov.au  

Changed ward boundaries

Some changes were made to the internal boundaries of Yarra's three wards following a review by the Victorian Electoral Commission. 

These changes applied at the October 2012 election, meaning that some people would vote for representation in a different ward compared to the previous Council election.

Aimed at evening up the population of each ward, the changes were:      

  • People who live or own property in the area bounded by Johnston, Smith, Moor and Nicholson streets will no longer fall within Langridge ward and will instead vote for representatives in Nicholls ward.
  • Those voters whose address falls within the area bounded by Victoria, Lennox, Highett and Hoddle streets will be transferred from Melba ward into Langridge.

Here is more information on the results of the Review of Council Representation.   

Caretaker period

In the lead up to the election, Council operated in caretaker mode (between Tuesday 25 September and the day of the election). This meant that the current Council avoided making significant new policies or decisions that could unreasonably bind a future Council. During this period, Council continued to decide upon statutory matters, such as planning permit applications, and carry out its normal everyday services.  

Further information
Ivan Gilbert
Executive Manager - Governance
9205 5110


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