Who is involved?

On-line payments made to Yarra City Council are facilitated by ADVAM.

How are my credit card details protected?

ADVAM have been built with multiple levels of security including 128-bit SSL encryption, and conform to Bank grade security levels.  In addition, the systems comply with Government privacy standards to ensure that your personal information is kept safe and viewed only by organisations permitted by you.

What does SSL mean?

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. When Yarra City Council sends you to the Yarra eServices web pages, or ADVAM, your browser will display a padlock or similar symbol to inform you that SSL has been enabled. The use of SSL ensures all information that passes between your web browser and the web server facilitating your online payment, is secured and not available unencrypted during transmission.

If you wish to check the level of encryption used by our system, your web browser may have a function to view the details of the SSL certificate.  Typically, this is available by finding the padlock in your browser's status bar, and double-clicking it to view the certificate contents.

How do my Credit Card details remain secure?

When you use this website, confidential information including card details are encrypted  using industry standard SSL 128-bit encryption technology and sent for processing by the credit card authority. While some information is stored by Yarra City Council to facilitate account reconciliation, complete credit card numbers are not kept within Yarra City Council's systems. Financial account details are verified by a bank or financial institution only.

Is every page secure?

Generally SSL is engaged only on particular web pages where private & confidential information is entered.  If the page is secure you will see the padlock or other symbol to inform you that SSL has been enabled. 

How do I know that my payment has been processed?

At the point that a receipt or receipt number or payment reference number is presented to you once the transaction has been completed.

How do I know that my browser session is secure?

When you begin a secure session a padlock icon in the locked position will appear in the status bar on your browser. Your browser "padlock" icon continues to show you whether you are communicating securely. If you click on the padlock icon it will show you the security information.

Submitting Secure Documents

Some browsers occasionally prompt you with a popup message when you submit online forms or when toggling between secure and insecure modes. We suggest you may suppress these messages by using your Security/Options menu or by selecting the checkbox on popup message. We also suggest you ensure your browser is communicating securely with the Yarra eServices and ADVAM's websites for each transaction, via the methods illustrated above.

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