Payments on-line

Yarra City Council provides the following payment options online. 

Through ADVAM

Property rates

Parking fines 

Animal Registration Renewal 

Animal Infringements

Building Payments

Footpath Licensing

Health and Food Payments

Parking Permit renewals
Planning payments



Through Yarra eServices

Sundry accounts
Including home help, adult day care, delivered meals,
facilities hire, personal training permits, etc..


Application Payments

Including permits for the following:

  • Road Occupation
  • Mobile food vehicles
  • Asset Protection
  • Out of Hours Works
  • Road Opening Consents
  • Utility Consents
  • Filming
  • Significant Tree
  • Vehicle Crossing
  • Animal Business
  • Bin invoice payments

Other infringements:

  • Local laws
  • Planning
  • EPA and
  • Animal infringements

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