Easy access tram stops in Bridge Road, Richmond

Bridge Road (3)VicRoads upgraded tram stops on Bridge Road in Richmond to new Easy Access Stops (EAS) in March 2013.

The works occured at:

Tram stop 15:  Located east of Epworth Hospital on Bridge Road (outside No. 102-118 on the southern side and  No. 111-127 on the northern side. 
Tram stop 17: Near Waltham and Bosisto streets - outside No. 192 – 176 Bridge Road on the southern side and No. 211-191 on the northern side.
Tram stop 16 (Lennox Street) - Stop 16 was removed once the upgraded stops 15 and 17 were completed.

More information about the easy access tram stops is available on the VicRoads website.

VicRoads can also be contacted via:

Email: thinktram@roads.vic.gov.au
Phone: 1300 309 471 (during business hours)

pdf format Bridge Rd Tram Stops Info Sheet (1.75 MB)

Traffic and parking

39 car parking spaces were removed to facilitate the construction of the two easy access tram stops.
The easy access tram stops do not reduce traffic lanes on Bridge Road. Cars, bicycles and other vehicles are still able to travel over the tram stops, retaining two lanes for traffic on Bridge Road.

Further information:
Mizan Rahman
Traffic Engineer
9205 5740 

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