Paying for parking

To help ensure a fair and regular turnover of parking spaces, motorists are required to pay for parking in areas where there is a high demand for parking spaces.

Always check the signs for time restrictions before leaving your parked vehicle.

Please be aware that you need to make payment immediately. You can be issued with a parking fine if you leave your vehicle unattended to get change for the ticket machine.

When you've stayed as long as the permitted time allows, you must move your vehicle.

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The PayStay app for your smartphone is the new and improved way to pay for parking in Yarra.

Coin payment

Yarra parking meters also accept coin payment in addition to payment via PayStay.

PayStay FAQ

What is PayStay?

PayStay is a free-to-download app for your smartphone that allows you to pay for parking without having to deposit coins into a meter or display a ticket.

Where can I use PayStay?

You can use PayStay to pay for parking service wherever you see a PayStay sign and PayStay Zone number.

Do I have to register?

In order to use PayStay, you must first register through the app (which is available as a free download from the iPhone and Android marketplaces) or at

What credit cards can I use?

PayStay supports Visa and MasterCard.

Can I register multiple vehicles against one account?

You can register multiple vehicles via the app or by logging into your PayStay Account at

Can I continue to use my old Pay by Phone app?

It’s important to note that Council is no longer supporting the Pay by Phone app and cannot accept payment via this method.

Why is Council switching to a new app?

Council reviewed its arrangements for paid parking and decided to switch to PayStay as it is a value-for-money with advantages like:

  • Pay only for the time you use
  • No need for cash
  • You can receive a reminder message
  • Same app as City of Melbourne

How to report a faulty machine

If you are having difficulties with a ticket machine, contact Council on 9205 5253 to report the fault or complete our Faulty Meter Report online form.

When submitting your fault report, please tell us the machine number (displayed on the machine), your vehicle registration number and the approximate time you are attempting to park.

If possible, purchase a ticket from the nearest working ticket machine.

Remember, even if the parking machine is out of order, you must still comply with the time restrictions that apply to that parking space.

It is prohibited to continue adding coins to a ticket machine to stay longer than the permitted time. You must comply with the time restrictions displayed on the signs.

Further information
9205 5555

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