LATMS 20 Balmain

In July 2012, Council commenced a Local Area Traffic Management Study (LATMS) in Cremorne’s Balmain Precinct, in the area bounded by Swan Street, Mary Street, the Yarra River and Punt Road.

For the purposes of this study, this area is referred to as LATMS 20.

The traffic study aimed to address traffic issues in the area including:

  • traffic speed and volume
  • through-traffic in local streets
  • heavy vehicles in local streets
  • traffic safety at intersections
  • pedestrian safety

Traffix Group Pty Ltd, a traffic engineering and transport planning consultancy, was engaged by Council to assist with the study.

Traffic Management Plan

In June 2013, Council adopted a Traffic Management Plan for the precinct that details specific actions Council will take to improve traffic conditions. 

A copy of the plan appears below:
pdf format LATMS 20 Traffic Management Plan - June 2013 (1.26 MB)

A copy of the full report considered by Council when adopting the plan appears on the Council Meeting webpage (page 7 of agenda).

The plan was developed in consultation with the community, who, through a surveys and a public meeting, identified key traffic issues and possible solutions.

It was also based on traffic data collected across 22 surveys that measured the speed of volume of traffic travelling through the precinct.

A Traffic Study Group, comprising local representatives, ward councillors, council officers and consultants from Traffix Group also contributed to the development of the plan.

In addition to implementing the traffic treatments, Council will also write to the Yarra Highway Patrol to request enforcement of existing peak hour turn bans and the 40km/h speed limit in the area.

In 2014, Council conducted an evaluation of the effectiveness of the first stage of works.

Parking issues

Council received a significant number of responses relating to parking restrictions, enforcement and parking availability in its survey distributed in July 2012.

Council’s parking team have reviewed these issues and are developing a proposal to address these issues. This will be subject to a separate consultation with residents.

Further information
Richard Young
Manager Traffic & Special Projects
9205 5712

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