LATMS 18 Richmond

In early 2012, Council undertook a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) study in Richmond in the area bounded by Church Street, Bridge Road, Burnley Street and Swan Street.

The area is known as LATMS 18. A map of the area study appears below.

View Local Area Traffic Management Plan 18 in a larger map 

The study looked at improvements that could be made to the area to reduce traffic and to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

At its meeting on 7 August 2012, Council endorsed a Traffic Management Plan for the area to address some of the traffic issues raised by residents.

The plan was developed in consultation with the community via surveys and a public meeting. A Traffic Study Group comprising community representatives, ward councillors, Council officers and consultants from Traffix Group (an external consultancy Council engaged to assist with the process) was also established to help develop the plan.

The Traffic Management Plan appears in the document below:

pdf format LATMS 18 Traffic Management Plan (249.39 KB)

Traffic treatments included:

  • Constructing speed humps in Coppin, Brougham, Malleson, Wall, Charlotte and Charles streets
  • Improving 40km/h signage in Coppin Street
  • Removing existing traffic island outside of 213 Coppin Street
  • Implementing centre road line marking around the bend at Lyndhurst/Malleson streets
  • Installing ‘No left turn’ bans between 7:30am and 9:30am from Church Street into Elm Grove and from Church Street into Charlotte Street
  • Installing standard signage and line marking to reinforce existing ‘one way’ restrictions on Mary St
  • Making Glass Street no entry from Boyd Street
  • Writing to VicRoads to request changing the timing of signals at the intersection of Swan and Coppin streets to provide additional ‘green time’ for Coppin Street traffic
  • Writing to Yarra Highway Patrol to request enforcement of existing and proposed peak hour turn bans and 40km/h speed limit signage
  • Continuing to monitor safety and access in Fraser Street and adjoining streets
  • Installing a raised intersection platform at Newry and Canterbury streets
  • Installing a raised intersection platform at Newry and Glass streets
  • Installing a raised intersection platform at Wall and Lord streets
  • Installing road humps on the Malleson and Wall street approaches to Mary Street and Charles Street
  • Installing a one lane slow point on Charles Street, north of Elm Grove.


An evaluation of traffic treatments conducted in early 2014 revealed significant improvements to traffic conditions in the area. 

Vehicles are travelling at slower speeds on all streets where treatments were installed, with speeds now considered to be within an acceptable range.

The number of vehicles travelling on Brougham Street, Charles Street, Charlotte Street, Coppin Street, Elm Grove and Newry Street has also decreased.

Notably, Coppin Street, a major north/south connection, saw a 3.5% drop in the traffic volume and up to a 26% decrease in speed. 

In another positive result, improved ‘one way’ signage on Mary Street saw the number of vehicles travelling in the wrong direction dropping from 25 vehicles per day down to four.   



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Manager Traffic & Special Projects
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