In October 2013, Council undertook a Local Area Traffic Management Study (LATMS) in Collingwood in the area bounded by Johnston Street, Hoddle Street, Victoria Parade and Smith Street.

The study area is known as LATMS 12.

The study aimed to address traffic issues in local streets, including traffic speed and volume, through-traffic, safety at intersections and pedestrian safety. 

At its Council meeting on 2 September 2014, Council adopted a Traffic Management Plan for the area that addresses traffic issues raised by residents.

The plan was developed as part of an extensive consultation process with the community, which included a series of surveys and a public meeting.

A Traffic Study Group comprising community representatives, ward councillors, Council officers and consultants from Traffix Group (an external consultancy Council engaged to assist with the process) was also established to help develop the plan.

The adopted Traffic Management Plan appears below:
pdf format Traffic Management Plan LATMS 12 (228.32 KB)

The plan identifies 29 traffic treatments. These include:

Vere Street:
Install signage and line-marking at Harmsworth Street to reinforce “No Stopping” to improve vehicle circulation in the vicinity of Collingwood College.

McCutcheon Way:
Implement one-way (westbound) and modify the Campbell Street intersection subject to a review after 12 months following recent changes to school pick up/drop off arrangements.

Collingwood College:
Review and update pedestrian warning signage in the vicinity of the school.

Hoddle Street Pedestrian Crossing:
Consult with VicRoads regarding signal timing with a view to improving pedestrian crossing conditions at the existing pedestrian operated signals near Collingwood Town Hall.

Consult with VicRoads to widen the pedestrian fencing at the Hoddle Street pedestrian operated signals near Collingwood Town Hall to accommodate more people in the median.

Consult with VicRoads with a view to introducing a 40km/h speed zone adjacent to Collingwood College.

Gipps Street:
Install a pedestrian refuge at Cromwell Street to improve pedestrian conditions.

Install green surface treatment in the bicycle lanes across intersections between Campbell and Islington Streets so that turning vehicles are aware that they are crossing a bicycle lane.

Langridge Street:
Install pedestrian refuges at Rokeby Street, Rupert Street and Cromwell Street to improve pedestrian crossing conditions.

Derby Street:
Install a road hump outside #22 and #15-21.

Oxford Street:
Install splitter islands on approaches to Peel Street to improve pedestrian safety.

Peel Street:
Install road hump outside #22 and #64.

An assessment of the necessity of a road hump adjacent to No.33 and No.108 Peel Street will be conducted at the 12 month evaluation of the road hump at No.22 and No.64 Peel Street.

Stanley Street:
Provide threshold treatment at Wellington Street to improve pedestrian conditions.

Perry Street:
Install raised reflective pavement markers to highlight the existing raised intersections at night.

(Please note, this list does not include all traffic treatments contained in the plan).

Implementation of the plan is estimated to cost $234,000 over two years.

Stage 1 Review

This review was undertaken in October 2015, one year after the stage 1 traffic management measures were implemented, in order todetermine their effectiveness

docx format LATMS 12 - Stage 1 Review (332.11 KB)


Further information
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Manager Traffic & Special Projects
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