Bike parking trial

Pole Vault bike parking facilityCouncil has installed a new style of bike parking in Fitzroy and North Fitzroy.

The bike parking facilities are known as ‘Pole Vault’ rails. The rails are mounted on existing street signs and are designed to provide better support for bikes when they are chained up to prevent them from falling over.

The new bike parking facilities are in the following locations:

  • Brunswick Street, east side, north of Moor Street (attached to parking pole outside Thomas Gannan)
  • Rose Street, near the corner of Brunswick Street, east side, (attached to parking pole outside Vegie Bar)
  • Scotchmer Street, west side (east of Birkenhead St, near Dench Bakers).

The rails were originally installed on a three-month trial basis in April 2012.

 An evaluation of the facilities found that the rails are a cost effective option and a suitable alternative to traditional hoop-style parking in areas where that style of parking is not appropriate.  

Further information:
Heidi Marfurt
Sustainable Transport Officer
9205 5734



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