Stormwater drains

Water from a roof, or hard surfaces such as driveways, roads or footpaths, flows into stormwater drains. This stormwater drains into our waterways and then, ultimately, to Port Phillip Bay and the ocean.

The public stormwater drainage system in Yarra is managed in partnership by Council and Melbourne Water. Melbourne Water is responsible for providing and maintaining the main drains and Council manages the remaining public drainage system within Yarra.

Drains and pipes that collect water on private property belong to the property owner. Owners are responsible for their drains up to the point of connection to the Council drain or kerb and channel, known as the “Legal Point of Discharge”. 

Legal Point of Discharge

The location of the Legal Point of Discharge is required as part of an application for a Building Permit. Council determines where stormwater from a property may lawfully discharge, e.g. underground pipe or street channel. This information will be given in writing on request and on payment of a fee.

docx format Stormwater Building Application - 610 Form $62.60.docx (73.28 KB)

Other drainage information, such as depth and location of Council drains, will be given where available. Council does not keep records of private or domestic drains on a property. This may be available from building permit plans from Council archives on payment of a search fee.

Do you have a planning permit?

If you do not have a planning permit, see how to apply for a planning permit.  

If you are using a private building surveyor

Your building inspector must submit detailed construction plans the Yarra Building Services for assessment.

If you are using Council's building surveyor

LPD will be arranged by Yarra Building Services in consultation with Yarra Engineering Services.

Submitting your plans

When submitting plans, include the following:

  • An existing conditions plan
  • A proposed development plan
  • An internal stormwater plan.

Assessment of LPD cannot be made without submission of the above information.

Once you have obtained written approval for LPD, you must obtain a Consent for Works permit prior to commencing any works within the road reserve.


All advice on LPD will be issued in writing within 10 working days of receiving a request. Larger developments may require more than 10 days to respond.


A drainage levy may be applicable on new developments.


Further information
Yarra Building Services 
9205 5095


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