Improving parking

Car parked in residential streetParking schemes exist to meet the needs of Yarra's residents, businesses and visitors. Council is continually reviewing parking restrictions across the municipality in response to changing conditions and feedback from the community.

In October 2014, Council adopted a new Parking Permit Scheme that aims to manage the increasing demand for car parking spaces in Yarra. The scheme, to take effect from 1 January 2015, will: 

  • reduce residential permit entitlements from three permits to two when there is a change of ownership or tenancy
  • restrict the use of visitor permits so they may only be used within two streets of the property to which they have been issued
  • not allow permits for boats, trailer or caravans.

A copy of the Parking Permit Scheme appears below:
docx format Parking Permit Scheme 2014 (62.58 KB)

Council also improves parking by:

Sustainable transport

Council also works to reduce demand for parking by developing policies on sustainable transport. Council is working hard to encourage more people to reduce reliance on cars by using alternative transport options. Find out more about Council's sustainable transport policies.

Further information
Grant Kelly 
Coordinator - Parking Services
9205 5250

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