Mobile food vehicle permits

From 1 July 2012, mobile food vans have been permitted to operate in Yarra.

If you would like to run a mobile food business in Yarra, you should first familarise yourself with the guidelines Council has introduced to manage these kind of businesses.

Mobile Food Vehicle guidelines
Permit fees
Making an application
What happens once I submit my application?


Mobile Food Vehicle guidelines

The guidelines - which are reviewed annually - provide information about where you can set up, how you should handle litter and respecting the rights of nearby residents and businesses.

pdf format Mobile Food Vehicle (84.96 KB)

Under the guidelines, mobile food vans are not permitted to operate within 100 linear metres of an open take away food business.

The guidelines also stipulate that:

  • Residential amenity should not be unreasonably compromised by the operation of a mobile food vehicle
  • Litter must be cleared at all times from in and around the mobile food vehicle site by the operator
  • The preparation, handling and serving of food and drinks to patrons must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 1984 and Council's Public Health Unit
  • Mobile food vehicles must not be located closer than 100 linear metres to an existing and operational take away food business unless the mobile vehicle's hours of operation are outside the existing trading hours of nearby food businesses
  • Mobile food vehicle sites cannot be located within or immediately adjacent to areas zoned as residential (including mixed use zones) under the Yarra Planning Scheme
  • A temporary permit must be obtained to operate within a Council park or reserve during events, festivals or other occasions as determined by Council
  • Council officers will monitor the operation of a mobile food vehicle trading permit to ensure the permit and guidelines are consistently being met
  • Observation of a breach or complaint will be followed up by Council officers with the permit holder.


Permit fees  

Please contact Council's Compliance Branch on 9205 5166.


Making an application

If you think you can meet the requirements set out in the guidelines, fill in the application form for a permit below.

docx format Application for Mobile Food Vehicle (57.10 KB)

docx format Application for Temporary Mobile food Vendor (57.39 KB)

You also need to fill out the Statement of Trade form below and include that with your application.

doc format Statement of trade for temporary food premises (116.50 KB)

What happens once I submit my application?

Once officers receive your application, they will inspect the site/s you've nominated to operate from to ensure they meet criteria set out in the guidelines.
If the nominated site/s are approved, Council may need to order and install parking signage to indicate the trading activity at the site before you can begin operating.
The application assessment could take up to six weeks.

Further Information
City of Yarra
9205 5555


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